Redmellon Re-Imagines
Homes of All Kinds.

Redmellon Restoration & Development is a mission-driven real estate development company based in New Orleans, Louisiana. We have projects on both coasts and a few in between. Redmellon conceives and executes projects that are walkable and built at a human scale. We believe in neighborhoods. We believe in “Homes”, not “Units”. We believe in density and biking and reducing our impact on the environment. People are the heart of neighborhoods and historic structures are the soul. Rare is the building that can not be saved given will, ingenuity, and determination. We acquire the most blighted houses in a city and renovate them fifty at a time. We create and maintain affordable housing in gentrifying areas and we partner with non-profit organizations that need help planning, executing, and funding their visions. We listen to others but we aren’t afraid to lead. We only take on projects that are socially worthwhile, financially feasible, and fun.

Redmellon on Gentrification

(It gets good at 2:26!)

What Does It Mean?:
Redmellon In Action

Hear from the people who are living it: Iberville Off-Site Housing

A Different Kind of Home:
Urban Noise Becomes Music to Our Ears

Watch this short time lapse video to see a blighted department store transform into the amazing New Orleans Jazz Market – right before your very eyes.