Iberville Off-Site Homes

Scattered Site Development: Not Such A Scattered Idea

Iberville Off-Site Housing, completed in 2014, consists of the rehabilitation of forty-six scattered historic homes in New Orleans that were formerly vacant and blighted. This is the second phase of a larger project by the same team that includes a total of more than one hundred units. The homes are part of a larger Choice Neighborhoods Redevelopment Plan, a program by the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development that supports locally driven strategies to address struggling neighborhoods with distressed public housing through a comprehensive approach to neighborhood transformation. 

This affordable housing project focuses on the core goals of Choice Neighborhoods: Housing, People and Neighborhood. More specifically the project replaces distressed housing with high-quality mixed-income housing that is well-managed and responsive to the needs of the surrounding. The entry demonstrates that it is possible to use an innovative but replicable model to sensitively rehabilitate large numbers of single-family homes and provide affordable housing in the process.

See more of Redmellon’s ‟before/after” pics here.



All too often preservation is seen as the purview of the affluent and white. Is historic preservation relevant to the lives of poorer people of color? We think it is. In the Brochure, “Your House, Your Life, Your Story” Redmellon attempts to make the connection between the lives of the men and women who originally inhabited these homes and the lives of the men and women about to move in. Leasing agents are trained to sit down with new tenants and go over the ‟Preservation Packet,” as it is called, and encourage him or her to get involved in their local neighborhood association.