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Finalist in the 2017 Rudy Bruner Award for Urban Excellence for

Iberville Off-Site Homes

Finalist in the 2017 BSHF World Habitat Awards for

Iberville Off-Site Homes

Grand Prize for Excellence in Urban Design

2015 Congress of New Urbanism Charter Awards

Iberville Off-site Homes


– 2015 –

Louisiana Landmarks Society:
Awards for Excellence in Historic Preservation

New Orleans Jazz Market


‟Redmellon has been a great partner for the New Orleans Women’s Shelter, both financially and [due to] the time and effort they have put into it. It has been a pleasure to work with their team. I don’'t know how they manage to balance their social mission with the financial aspect of what they do and the honest answer is I don’t really care…as long as they keep doing it.” –Dan Silverman, New Orleans Women’s Shelter


– 2014 –

National Trust for Historic Preservation/HUD Secretary:
Richard H. Driehaus Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation
Iberville Off-Site Rehabilitations


Louisiana Landmarks Society:
Awards for Excellence in
Historic Preservation

Renewal Homes Rehabilitations

‟Building high-quality homes for people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford them is a wonderful thing. But to build affordable housing in a way that strengthens the essence of place and helps restore community, is far more rare. Redmellon achieves this by redeveloping small sites throughout a neighborhood, seeding investment, spreading opportunity,  and adding density while protecting scale and diversity. Although it makes perfect sense, this approach requires resourcefulness and innovation. The firm is especially skilled at assembling the funding and talent necessary to carry its projects forward, but perhaps its real genius springs from its profound respect for New Orleans’ built environment and an ability to tap into a deep reserve of love for the city’s neighborhoods.”
—Julie Campoli, author of Visualizing Density and Made for Walking


– 2013 –

Louisiana Housing Alliance:
Award for Innovation in Affordable Housing and Community Development

Renewal Homes Rehabilitations

‟When Redmellon began renovating houses in Gert Town they reached out to us to see how we could work together. For almost ten years now they have been working with us to help bring community programs and childcare to our residents. They are more than colleagues – they are friends.”  —Rev. Kaseem Short, Executive Director Gert Town Community Development Center

– 2006 –

Louisiana Housing Finance Agency Community Service:
Award for Innovation in Housing

Opportunity Homes