One Business Model. Lots of Pieces.

All of Redmellon’s projects share certain characteristics. They are a positive addition to the built environment, they involve a social return on investment, and they have the potential for economic profit. They also have to be interesting, challenging, and actually fun. We don’t work with people we don’t like. Redmellon develops projects for our own account and as a fee-based developer for carefully-selected nonprofit organizations. We have a reputation for taking on the most challenging urban infill projects and we are proud to bring these projects to completion in a way that is both financially rewarding and socially meaningful. We turn over every rock, leaf, and manhole cover in search of financial assistance to make these projects happen. We layer subsidies like fondant on doberge. We seek input from our neighbors, colleagues, and peers and then we make the project happen in a maelstrom of funders, contractors, designers, brokers, neighbors, and ribbon cuttings with well-deserved handshakes all around. If you are a non-profit organization, a municipality with a thorny blight-related problem, or even just one of our neighbors – then please reach out. We would love to hear from you.